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7 Wonders is a big favorite in our gaming group. Whenever an expansion comes out, we have to buy it. This means the game has gotten more and more complex as time has gone by. It’s been what seems like ages since we played just the base game of 7 Wonders (it seemed so small!), but we were at a gaming event with a friend who had never played, so we decided to give it a go.

I decided to completely change my strategy. I was still sitting between Professor and Clumsy Ninja (though he’s usually on my right, and she’s on my left – they were switched). I decided to skip the green cards (usually my favorites) for two reasons. One, whenever I got a hand with a green card, I either couldn’t afford it or it would have cost all my money. Two, my city was pretty much all about victory points. So I decided to go for the blue cards. I played as many blue cards as a could, and built the second stage of my wonder as soon as possible. This let me play a card for free, so I was able to play the most expensive blue cards! I avoided the military cards, so I did lose to Professor and Clumsy Ninja on that front, but I ended up winning the game! That hasn’t happened since Professor and I first started playing!

Space Cat (who loves the green cards) cracked us up when she asked, "How do the green cards work?"

Space Cat (who loves the green cards) cracked us up when she asked, “How do the green cards work?”



Since this was the first time Cowboy had ever played the game, we decided to play again. This time my city gave a military bonus, so I did end up playing some of those cards. I’m not sure it was really worth it though. I still tried to use my previous strategy of going after the blue cards, but it just didn’t go as well. Sometimes you just can’t get the resources you need when you need them. Cowboy obviously picked up on the game quickly because he won this time.


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