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Things had been peaceful on the Lunar Colony. The colonists were seeing steady progress in their endeavors and were a generally happy bunch. Considering they were living in space, things were pretty normal.

And then it got weird.

Several reports came in of Nyan Cat flying around Medusa, which seemed to mesmerize her and render her incapable of turning anyone to stone. Bystanders were relieved, but still puzzled over where these creatures came from and why they were fighting.

The rainbow trail of the Nyan Cat was also reported to distract the Ninja (who obviously wasn’t a very good ninja if people saw him). The Mad Scientist used this lapse in concentration and tased the Ninja, who recovered with amazing speed and bombarded Nyan Cat with Insane Glue.

Before Medusa could come to her senses, the Mad Scientist pulled a beaker from his lab coat and splashed some sort of concoction on Nyan Cat, dissolving the glue.

Medusa and the Ninja then fled the scene. The Mad Scientist and Nyan Cat have refused to shed any light on this strange encounter.

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