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This is the play by play of the previously posted story mode.
Judge: President Gamer

Clumsy Ninja and Shutter vs Chubby Unicorn and Professor

Arena: Sewer

Initial cards: Clumsy Ninja and Shutter played Gardner and Floating Brain. Professor and Chubby Unicorn played Banshee and Cyborg.

Special cards played: Towel and Portable Hole

Arguments: The Floating Brain was lost in the Portable Hole. The Gardner used the Towel to protect her ears from the Banshee’s scream (which was judged to not be powerful enough to get through the Towel), and used her plant powers to keep the Cyborg busy. Cyborg’s laser defenses were not enough to defeat the plants.

Winners: Clumsy Ninja and Shutter

Round 5

Winner of the Game: Clumsy Ninja

Winner’s Cards

Unless you’re used to telling crazy stories, it takes a bit to get into this game. There are the basic rules about how many cards are played and how game play shifts around the table, but all other “rules” are decided on by the Judge. It wasn’t until President Gamer was the judge that anyone ruled something as impossible which changed the arguments. For the most part we were willing to accept anything as possible.

For the more creative people, being the Judge can be difficult. The Judge only rules on the arguments and cannot add to them or just in general comment on what’s being said. If everyone enjoys the first run through of the game, it’s probably a good idea to play again immediately. Then everyone already has a feel for the game and creative juices are flowing. President Gamer said the game wasn’t really his thing, so we switched to a different game.

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