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Deep down in the depths of the Sewer, the Gardner and the Floating Brain faced off against the Banshee and the Cyborg. A phosphorescent moss cast an eerie glow upon the battle.

Before anyone else could make a move, Cyborg activated his Portable Hole which sucked in the Floating Brain. It was never seen again. Despite losing her ally so quickly, the Gardner battled on. As the Banshee opened her mouth to release her ear shattering cries, the Gardner wrapped her trusty Towel around her head. Even though the Banshee’s screams had taken down stronger foes, the piercing shrieks could not penetrate the Towel. The Banshee wailed on until she collapsed from exhaustion.

Meanwhile, the Gardner kept Cyborg busy by sending her plants to attack him. Vines ensnared him and attempted to burrow into his circuitry. His laser defenses could only keep them at bay so long, and soon he was engulfed in plant life.

The Gardner stood victorious in her domain deep within the earth.

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