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Setup details available in the first post.
Space Cat looked down at the report from her spies, attempting to memorize the information before burning the scroll. After all, she had tried to play fair before, and now she had to work on her Wonder alone. She mentally repeated the information again:
Leaders recruited:

  • Chubby Unicorn – Bilkis
  • Professor – Croesus
  • Clumsy Ninja – Xenophon
  • Shutter – Varro
  • President Gamer – Zenobia

Space Cat felt that her own Leader, Hatshepsut, was the superior choice, and tossed the scroll into the fire with a smile.

Meanwhile, Clumsy Ninja reviewed the scroll she’d just received:

Declaration to all cities:
The first Great Work to be undertaken by our collective cities shall be the Double Walls.
Each city wishing to participate must first build a military force.
Fee: 100 Gold
Reward: The equivalent of 1 year’s tithe

Clumsy Ninja grimaced. She simply did not have the resources to contribute to the Great Work and worried about the reparation cost.

“Hear ye, hear ye!”
The people in the marketplace of Byzantium turned towards the town crier.
“Halicarnassus has declared that all defeated cities must pay double the tithe to the victors!”
In her office, Chubby Unicorn was reading the more detailed law which had just been set in place at the Tower of Babel.
“Well, Professor,” she said to the empty room, “I suppose that’s one way to encourage everyone to contribute to the Great Work.”
With no military of her own, she worried about the military might of her neighbors and immediately sent diplomats to Clumsy Ninja and Professor. If she could broker peace before they moved to attack, her city wouldn’t have to worry about the double tithe. In another move to encourage cooperation instead of conflict, she drafted her own law for the Tower.

“Free what?” President Gamer asked his aide.
“Ore or Clay, sir.”
“Huh, interesting.” He wasn’t sure what prompted Chubby Unicorn to declare such a law, and he decided he would have to look into any ulterior motives. In the meantime, he began to build his military in order to help with the construction of the Double Walls.

Shutter looked out over her army and thought, Well, that was a waste.
The report declaring the failure of the Great Work lay on her desk. The whole reason she had an army was because of the Double Walls. Knowing that Chubby Unicorn, Clumsy Ninja, and Space Cat had each given up resources in reparation didn’t make her feel any better. She could have used the resources spent on her army on something else. Of course now that she had a military, she had to worry about the size of her neighbors’ military forces.

Professor reviewed the final copy of the notice to be sent out to all cities. He’d honored Chubby Unicorn’s request for peace and instead attacked Alexandria. He smiled at the thought of the double tithe coming his way from Clumsy Ninja. He was also curious how the stalemate between Shutter and President Gamer would turn out.

Notice to all Cities:
Alexandria to pay double tithe to Rhodos and Halicarnassus
Babylon to pay double tithe to Halicarnassus and Ephesos

As the first year came to a close, there seemed to be some tension between the cities.

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