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Setup details available in the first post.
First Age:

  • Babel Tiles:
    • One defeat token turns into two
    • Everyone has access to one ore or one brick
  • Great Work: Double Walls [FAILED]
    • Participants must play red card plus pay one gold to participate:
      • Professor
      • President Gamer
      • Shutter
    • Reward: Victory Token
    • Penalty: loss of resource from Wonder
      • Chubby Unicorn
      • Clumsy Ninja
      • Space Cat
  • Resolution of Military Conflicts:
    • Clumsy Ninja – Defeated by Shutter and Professor
    • Shutter – Victory over Clumsy Ninja; Tied with President Gamer
    • President Gamer – Tied with Shutter; Victory over Space Cat
    • Space Cat – Defeated by President Gamer and Professor
    • Professor – Victories over Space Cat and Clumsy Ninja
    • Chubby Unicorn – Protected by Diplomacy Token

Tower of Babel and Great Work

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