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“Stay close,” Seoni said to her acolyte, as she tried to locate Seelah in the chaos.

Amy nodded, looking as panicked as the crowd. No one had anticipated a goblin attack during the dedication of the new Sandpoint Cathedral, and with the mass hysteria, Seoni didn’t want to risk casting any attack spells. Finally she caught sight of the paladin’s armor and managed to push her way free of the last of the escaping townsfolk.

“Did you see which way it went?” Seelah asked.

“It?” Seoni echoed. “And by the way, I’m fine, thank you for asking.”

Seelah didn’t react to Seoni’s sarcasm. “The goblin riding the giant gecko.”

Seoni shook her head. “I barely saw anything. Is that who was leading the attack?”

“It certainly seemed that way, but I lost sight of it.” Seelah paused for a moment, considering her options. “I’m going to check in with the guards at the city gate.”

It was only then Seoni noticed the night watch with Seelah, his face pinched with worry.

“I’ll make sure the cathedral is secure,” Seoni said.

They wished each other luck and parted ways.

Seelah and Nile had just arrived at the City Gate when something slammed into Seelah’s shoulder. She was shocked to see an arrow sticking out of her armor.

“There!” Nile pointed to the scout.

Without bothering to draw a weapon, Seelah pounced upon the enemy, using her superior strength to overpower him.

Nile approached afterwards and examined Seelah’s armor.

“I don’t think it went through,” he said, then yanked the arrow out. “You should get this repaired, though.”

Seelah agreed and removed her magic half-plate, storing it away in her pack then she readied her mace in case they encountered any more enemies.

Seoni expected to find goblins lurking about the cathedral, not a spectre.

“What should we do?” Amy whispered.

Seoni had an invisibility spell prepared but decided attacking was the better option. She used the energy from the invisibility spell to prepare an attack.

“Care to try helping again?” she asked Amy.

Her acolyte looked nervous but offered up her energy.

The arcane blast hit the spectre dead on, and it disappeared. Unfortunately Amy still hadn’t mastered the flow of her energy and swayed on her feet. Seoni tucked her away in an alcove.

“Stay here until you’ve recovered.”

“There you are!” Trevin declared, running up to her. “This isn’t quite the festival activity I was expecting.”

“I don’t think any of us was expecting this,” Seoni replied. “Care to join me in rooting out any lingering enemies?”

Trevin looked hesitant but agreed. Together they searched the cathedral, and Seoni was beginning to think it was time to move on when she noticed a strange shadow. She gestured to the troubadour to remain where he was, and prepared to unleash her force missile. She happened to glance up, noticing she stood in a part of the cathedral devoted to Lamashtu. Figuring it couldn’t hurt, she silently asked for the god’s blessing and sent her force missile at the shadow, destroying it instantly. Thankfully there was enough energy left over that she was able to recharge her spell before storing it away.

“Nicely done,” Trevin said. “I honestly thought you were being a bit paranoid, but I’m glad I was wrong.”

“In this case, I don’t think one can be too careful,” Seoni replied, as a discarded scroll on the floor caught her attention.

“What is it?” Trevin asked, a hint of wariness creeping into his voice.

Seoni smiled. “A new spell,” she said with glee. “I’ve been looking forward to trying out something like this.”

“What does it do?”

“Freezes your enemy to death.”


“I understand why you left the crown behind, it really didn’t seem that useful,” Nile said as they searched for a guard to check in with at the city gate. “And I have to say, I’m glad you couldn’t convince that troubadour to help us. They’re a notoriously unreliable lot. But why leave behind the short bow?”

Seelah hefted her mace. “I prefer a more direct approach when I attack.”

“I see.”

Seoni was just about to suggest they head to the town square when she spotted a suspicious looking figure. They approached cautiously, and she recognized him from the earlier attack.

Prepared to use her new spell, she addressed the half-elf. “Are you involved with the goblin attack?” When she received no response, she tried a different question. “Who are you?”

He smirked at her.  “Tsuto Kaijitsu.”

The name meant nothing to her, but she recognized an attack coming. She channeled her new spell through her sage’s journal and, since they were in Pharasma’s portion of the cathedral, asked for that god’s blessing, and send a freezing blast of power at her opponent. The force of the spell nearly knocked her off her feet, but it certainly took care of her enemy.

Trevin brushed some frost off his shoulder. “Perhaps a little less power next time?”

“Just making sure the job got done,” she replied, tucking away the spent spell. “Let’s head to the town square. I doubt anything else will be lurking around now.”

“After that blast? It does seem unlikely.”

Without an attack spell ready, Seoni slipped on her amulet of life and decided to keep her masterwork tools handy, just in case. The streets were eerily quite as they made their way to the town square. Seoni caught sight of an abandoned longspear, but decided it was more important to continue their search.

“Do you hear that?” Seelah asked Nile.

“It sounds like singing.”

“I think we’ve found that goblin.”

As they were attempting to sneak up on the goblin and his giant gecko, Seelah stopped and Nile ran into her which resulted in a resounding crash from her armor and weapon filled pack. Before they could do anything, the giant gecko was racing towards them.

“Stickfoot, attack!” the goblin shrieked.

Seelah tossed down her pack and swung her mace at Stickfoot. The blow sent the gecko into the wall.

“Stickfoot! Ripnugget will make you pay,” the goblin cried as it came at her.

Again she swung her mace, sending the goblin careening into his reptile mount. Unfortunately her attacks only stunned the pair for a moment, and before she could attack again, Ripnugget rode away.

“Quick, follow them!” Seelah cried, snatching up her pack and racing after the goblin.

The giant gecko was surprisingly fast, and they quickly lost sight of the enemy. Luckily, Ripnugget and Stickfoot weren’t very stealthy, and they followed the noise to the center of the Swallowtail Festival. Due to the earlier assault, the townsfolk had abandoned the festival. Stalls of goods and food were as empty as the streets, which would hopefully make the goblin and gecko easy to find.

“There!” shouted Nile unnecessarily, as Stickfoot came at them again.

Seelah threw aside her pack and swung her mace back. Then she launched it at the charging gecko, striking a killing blow.

She ignored Ripnugget’s screams and threats as she retrieved her longsword which she then threw like a javelin at the goblin. The sword’s aim was true, though perhaps more forceful than necessary. The blade pinned the lifeless goblin to the wall.

“I guess you don’t need us, then,” Seoni said as she came upon the scene.

Seelah shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind a hand with the cleanup.”

Seoni looked at Seelah as though she had to be joking.

“Or we could leave it for the city guards.”

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