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Not long after they returned to Sandpoint, the local sheriff asked Seoni and Seelah to look into another strange matter. People were reporting zombie sightings at an alarming rate. Other townsfolk had seen patients of Dr. Habe lurking about as well. Worried that the two might be connected, the sheriff asked that they help with the investigation. After so much turmoil, the local guard was spread a bit thin, so Seoni and Seelah agreed to help.

Seoni decided to start with the mill since the most recent sightings had been there, which Seelah and her troubadour headed for the general store. There had been reports of trouble in that area, and she wanted to see if any new weapons had been shipped in.

Seoni was a little surprised to find a stone door at the mill and even more surprised when it turned out to be locked. She attempted to unlock it, but had no success. She asked her toad for suggestions, but as usual he didn’t have much to contribute to the conversation.

“Perhaps we should simply search for another way in,” the Sage suggested as she joined them.

They began to search for another entry point. Seoni saw a discarded short sword, but left it where it was along with an elven chain shirt. She needed to focus.

“Are you sure that’s a ring of protection?” the troubadour asked as Seelah slipped it on one of her fingers. “I’ve heard some tales about evil rings.”

“Just trust me.”

As usual the general store was crammed with items, but the owner and any other customers were absent. Seelah hoped it was simply because of the recent zombie activity, but she kept her guard up.

“Do you hear that squeaking?” the troubadour asked.

Suddenly a swarm of rats came scurrying towards them. The troubadour jumped onto a nearby counter, scattering items, while Seelah set to work with her greatsword. It took quite a bit of work, but she managed to take out the vermin before they could do any more damage.

After it was over, the troubadour looked a bit shaken. Seelah suggested he head back to the inn to relax. He gladly took his leave, and Seelah picked up a chime of unlocking, just in case the general store held any more surprises.

Which of course it did. The sheriff had warned them about Grayst Sevilla, one of Dr, Habe’s more dangerous patients. Seelah just hadn’t expected to find him at the general store. He looked just as surprised to see the paladin. She recovered first and attacked. It didn’t take long to best him with her greatsword. Once she was sure he wouldn’t be bothering anyone else again, she did a sweep of the rest of the store. Since it appeared she’d removed all the threats, she decided to move on.

Seoni tucked away the potion she found and didn’t object when her toad hopped away. A moment later she wondered if he had sensed the undead sneaking up on them. Luckily, Seoni already had her force missile ready, but despite the powerful spell, the zombie managed to survive and shuffled away towards the village house. She considered following, but wanted to make sure the mill was clear first. She put on her Sihedron medallion just in case, and continued her search.

As she rounded one side of the mill, she was surprised to find a merchant. Wary of the woman’s presence, she approached cautiously.

“I’m surprised to see anyone else here,” she said.

The merchant cocked her head to one side, “Why is that?”

“Because of the zombies lurking about. I just chased one off, in fact.”

The merchant’s eyes widened. “I didn’t realize. I was just waiting for the mill to open.”

“Perhaps you should come again another day,” the Sage suggested.

The merchant nodded. “Thank you,” she said before hurrying off.

Suddenly the Sihedron medallion flared, and Seoni turned to find a goblin had fired at her. Seoni retaliated with her frost ray, and there was one less goblin in the world.

Seelah made her way to the village house. Everything seemed quiet, but she did wonder why there was a longbow abandoned near the door. Inside she found a battered chest, and she busted it open. Inside she found two potions which she hoped would be useful.

Once she finished putting away her items, she continued on. She didn’t know if she should consider herself lucky or unlucky when she stumbled upon Pidget Tergelson, another one of Habe’s patients. She tossed down her pack and engaged the enemy. After what the sheriff had said, she was surprised that he was weaker than Sevilla had been. She easily defeated him.

Finding no other threats in the house, it was time to go to Habe’s Sanatorium.

The day was just filled with surprises. Amy and Buck joined them at the mill, and shortly after that they were attacked by a giant hermit crab. With no spells at the ready, and hoping Buck could open the locked door, Seoni used the Sage’s energy to blast the crab with arcane power. She was just thankful no one made any jokes about a free seafood dinner.

She then led Buck to the locked stone door.

“It’s no wonder you couldn’t get this open,” he said, setting to work. “This is much more advanced than the simple lock picking I’ve taught you.”

It didn’t take him long to get the door open, and he jumped back in surprise as a man rushed past him. If Buck hadn’t run into Seoni, knocking her over, she would have had a chance to stop Dr. Habe’s escape. Obviously embarrassed, Buck mumbled some sort of excuse and took his leave. Seoni readied her Sage’s journal, lighting spell, and her masterwork tools, and set off to the sanatorium.

The sanatorium was just about as creepy as Seelah expected it to be. As she crept along the hallway, she wondered who had left behind the elvish cloak and later a scoll. Worried about what she would encounter ahead, she paused for a moment to remove her chain mail and don her magical half plate.

Thankful the next living soul she encountered was Seoni with her acolyte.

“Seen anything yet?” Seoni asked.

The paladin shook her head, and kept her guard up as Seoni inspected yet another discarded spell scoll.

“I think it’s another lighting spell,” she said, “but I need a bit of help with the protections.”

Amy joined her and offered her energy to dissolve the seal on the spell. Seoni was delighted to find it was a lighting spell. One better than her lightning touch. She then sent her woozy acolyte back to the inn.

“I saw Dr. Habe, but didn’t get a chance to question him,” Seoni said.

“I ran into two of his patients,” Seelah replied. “Though he won’t be seeing them anymore.”

“Something tells me it’s not Habe we need to be concerned about.”

Seelah nodded. The last enemy the sheriff had warned them about was Caizaru Zerren, and the paladin also suspected he was the real threat. They had more pressing matters though as a new enemy revealed itself.

“I am Xulgath!”

“I hate the ones that announce themselves,” Seelah said before attacking.

Xulgath’s first swing knocked into her pack, so she quickly discarded it. She dodged the next blow as well, and slammed her sword into the creature. She then picked up her pack and decided having her spiked chain out might be a good idea.

Seoni pointed down a dim corridor. “Is that?”

Seelah nodded. “I believe it is.”

Before they could move to confront Caizaru Zerren, two zombies shambled out into the corridor.


“I’ll take the one on the left,” Seelah said, charging forward.

Seoni remained where she was, using her Sage’s journal to focus her minor lightning spell.

Once the zombies were defeated, Seelah turned back to Seoni, who was already preparing her new lightning spell. Seelah stepped aside, and Seoni channeled a lighting bolt through her Sage’s journal and straight at Caizaru.


Seelah waved away the smoke left behind. “Nice spell.”

“Thank you,” Seoni replied. “Now let’s get out of this place.”

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