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This is the play-by-play version of the previously posted story mode.

Find an ally and close the location

  • Seoni – Rin figurine
  • Seelah – Saber figurine


  • Academy  – Seoni start
  • Waterfront
  • General Store
  • Woods – Seelah start

Seelah opening hand:

  1. Blessing of the Gods x2
  2. Magic Half-Plate (favored card type)
  3. Longsword +1

Seoni starting hand:

  1. Blessing of the Gods
  2. Force Missile (favored card type)
  3. Acolyte
  4. Burglar
  5. Invisibility (favored card type)
  6. Sage’s Journal

Seoni 1st turn

At the Academy if you encounter anything other than a spell on your first exploration, you get to go again.

Encountered Mercenary – Combat 10

Adventure path adds +1 for an 11

Force Missile – d12 (+4 ), 2d4, rolled 15  (one 2, one 4, and one 9), total 19 Mercenary defeated

Attempted to recharge Force Missile – Arcane 6

d12 (+4), rolled 10, total 14, recharged

Encountered Frost Ray – Arcane 6

d12 (+4), rolled 11, total 15

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After the goblin attack, Seelah and Seoni agreed they needed a bit of a break. The locals were clamoring to thank them for their defense of the town, and it actually seemed as though they had time to see what Sandpoint had to offer.

Seoni decided to take her acolyte Amy to the Academy, though she wondered why Buck was tagging along. She’d have to keep a close eye on him in case his fingers got sticky.

Seelah headed to the woods. Before she could really relax, she wanted to do one final sweep for enemies.

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