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This is part 4 in the Play-by-Play version of a Dead Panic play through. If that all sounds strange, head to the intro post

Chubby Unicorn (Julie) was bait.

By this point in the game it seemed wise for some players to move outside the cabin to draw the zombies away from the missing wall in our cabin. President Gamer (Al) and Clumsy Ninja (Sandra) ventured forth to deal some damage. As long as they were within a zombie’s line of sight, the zombies would move towards them instead of towards the cabin. Clumsy Ninja killed a zombie in a melee fight.

Space Cat (Father Michael) moved back into the cabin, and gave a free action to the Professor (David) who also used the Energy Drink to snag the last radio piece.

Our event was Rotten Wood. The Professor was the only one to lose a club.

Clumsy Ninja and President Gamer killed zombies in melee combat. The Professor killed a zombie, and Chubby Unicorn damaged one.

Dead Panic 4Next it was Clumsy Ninja’s turn as bait.

Clumsy Ninja moved back inside the cabin.

Shutter gave a weapon to President Gamer, who used it to kill two zombies.

Space Cat gave an action to the Professor in order to get the last radio piece and put it together.

Chubby Unicorn killed a zombie.

The event was Breakthrough. A Brawler destroyed a wall, and the survivor dealt it one damage before dying,

President Gamer killed a zombie and damaged another. The Professor killed two zombies.

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