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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Seoni scanned the crowd. Unsurprisingly the Waterfront was teeming with activity, and Seoni wished Seelah’s message had arrived intact. The only thing Seoni had been able to make out on the location was that it began with a “w” which could mean Waterfront, Woods, Wooden Bridge or perhaps there was an inn or tavern nearby with a “w” name. From her travels, Seoni knew anything was possible.

“Keep your eyes open for a female paladin,” Seoni said to her companions.

Trevin absentmindedly plucked at a few strings on his lute. “I have a feeling I’ll have material for a new song by the end of the day.”

Gilsa scowled at the troubadour. “Let’s try to stay focused.” Then she pointed off to their left. “I say we start that way.”

Seoni didn’t have a preference on direction, so she deferred to her guide.

As they turned the corner, their way was blocked. By his uniform, he appeared to be from the Night Watch, and Seoni wondered what he was doing out so early.

“This area is closed until further notice,” he said almost in a drone which meant he must have been saying it for a while now.

Seoni smiled charismatically. “Our apologies,” she said sweetly. “We’re looking for our friend. Perhaps -”

The Night Watch looked annoyed. “This area is closed until further notice.”

Her smile disappeared, and she gestured to her allies to move along.

“That usually goes better,” Trevin noted.

“Indeed,” Seoni replied, hoping the closed area wasn’t connected with Seelah.

Seelah signaled her Standard Bearer to stand back, then she moved forward through the woods to investigate. She’d barely taken two steps when a Goblin Commando leapt out from behind a tree, and threw something at her. Thankfully her chain mail blocked whatever it had been.

Seelah tossed aside her pack to give herself more maneuverability, and counterattacked. Her strength was no match for it, and it soon lay crumpled at her feet.

“Looks like things are getting exiting,” she said, only now taking the time to draw her mace.

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It has become a running joke that Space Cat always wins. During games we often make comments like: “Space Cat’s going to win”, “I’m shooting for second place!”, and “Second place? That’s a win!” Space Cat is a very good sport about all this teasing, though she has pointed out that she doesn’t always win.

7 Wonders is a favorite of our group, but President Gamer thinks Space Cat frequently wins. I wasn’t so sure about this. We keep all the score sheets, so I looked through past games to test the veracity of his statement. I discovered something interesting. In reality Space Cat has only won 7 Wonders once. How could we be so wrong about this?

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Setup details available in the first post.
Third Age:

This was when we realized that we had messed up and discarded the last leader instead of passing it on.  Oops!  My final Leader let me play a card from the discard pile for free.  I was hoping for a green card (science symbol), but Professor had already played a card from the discard pile and took the only green card.  I was disappointed that my starting hand didn’t have any green cards, and Professor indicated that he had at least one.  He also pointed out that he would be passing his cards to me.  I took this to mean that he was going to be nice to me (his wife), by passing me a green card.  Instead, he played one, participated in the Great Work, and passed me a hand with no green cards.  I only held it against him until I was able to participate in the Great Work.

  • Babel Tiles: None
  • Great Work: Archives [SUCCESS]
    • Must play a green card and pay 4 gold
    • Participants:
      • President Gamer
      • Professor (x2)
      • Space Cat (x2)
      • Chubby Unicorn
    • Reward: an extra science symbol
    • Penalty: loss of all your blue cards
  • Resolution of Military Conflicts:
    • Clumsy Ninja – Victories over Shutter and Professor
    • Shutter – Defeated by Clumsy Ninja; Victory over President Gamer
    • President Gamer – Victory over Space Cat; Defeated by Shutter
    • Space Cat – Defeated by President Gamer and Professor
    • Professor – Victory over Space Cat; Defeated by Clumsy Ninja
    • Chubby Unicorn – Protected by Diplomacy Token

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Setup details available in the first post.
Space Cat looked out over her Gardens. Stage two was complete, and they would begin stage three shortly. President Gamer had already finished his Temple, and Professor had just finished his Mausoleum by using resources the others used to hire Leaders. Space Cat hoped Cleopatra would be worth the gold she’d spent to hire her.
Her spies had reported that Clumsy Ninja had hired Nefertiti; Solomon had brought enough resources to Byzantium to build a structure for Chubby Unicorn, and Caesar was increasing the military forces in Rhodos. Space Cat hoped this meant President Gamer, who’d hired Nebuchadnezzar, would turn his attentions to Shutter in Rhodos, since Space Cat’s Babylon still didn’t have a military. If she wanted to complete her Gardens, which she had every intention of doing, she couldn’t spare any resources on armies. It was time to get to work.

“Just my luck,” Clumsy Ninja groaned as she looked over the details of the next Great Work.
Declaration to all cities:
The final Great Work to be undertaken by our collective cities shall be the Archives
Each city wishing to participate must build a Scientific Structure
Fee: 400 Gold
Reward: Resources to complete another Scientific Structure
Even though she’d wanted to participate in the last Great Work, she was finding herself hampered by her inability to get glass. Her own glass resources had been used to pay reparations when the first Great Work failed, and neither Rhodos nor Byzantium had any glass for her to buy.
Though her army was nothing to laugh at, Alexandria didn’t have any Scientific Structures. Finding the resources and location for one now would prove more difficult. Plus she had only completed stage one of her wonder and pressure to continue construction was mounting.

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