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Space Cat had recently acquired Indigo, and since we knew we were going to be having a 4 player game day, we asked her to bring it over.

It’s a fairly simple game, a lot like Tsuro. You lay down tiles which lengthen various paths. Instead of moving your ship down the path, you move gemstones. The goal is to get as many gemstones as possible by getting them to your goal area. The tricky part is that in a 4 player game, you share your goals with other players. So if I manage to get a gem, that means I’ve also given one to an opponent.

In placing tiles, you can’t directly connect two goals, and if you create a path that makes two gems run into each other, those gems are out of the game.

Once a decent number of tiles have been laid down, things get a bit more complicated. It can be easy for someone to hijack your path, sending that gem towards another goal, and harder to get that path heading back to your own goal. This is where sharing goals can come in handy because an opponent might help you get your gem back on track.

At one point in the game, Space Cat had a pretty good lead, so we were mostly trying to keep her from getting any more gems. At the same time, I had a decent collection of gems myself, and I could collect another one at the goal I shared with Space Cat. It was a tough decision, but I went ahead and helped us both out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we get this game for our own collection, especially when our son gets older.

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